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What is a Character Count Info ?

Character Count Info - CHARACTER COUNTER TOOL is a free character counter tool online . It's a tool to count the number of character with spaces and without spaces and to count the number words also sentences and the density and amount of words and from a typed text in the text box above, Microsoft word document (.docx), portable document format(.pdf), or even extracted text from an image,Using our character count tool online give you the topic of your text easily. Thus, it is suitable for writing text with character counter limit or letters .

How do you count characters ?

Above the text box, you have buttons that will give you the capability to undo your changes or redo them and the metrics will be updated and displayed in real time also you can transform the text in uppercase and lowercase finally copy it to the letter counter. This counter tool works fine in many browser out there, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera... If you are a webmaster or you write many posts and blogs so this word counter is for you to count characters/Words in facebook, blog posts, word office document, excel document, pdf, essays…

If you have any questions or you want to give me a feedback about our character count, just feel free to contact me.

How to count characters in Microsoft Office word ?

Video !

Character count in word :

 You have three options :
  • Get an extension to have a detailed word count and all other information about your document.
  • The Status Bar at the bottom just click on the words button.
  • The easiest way is to upload the docx file to our character counter and it will generate the words density and all other counters

Language detection :

You can use our character counter tool to detect the language of the text and even make a speech from it . (Speech only for english text)

  • After you upload the text to our character counter tool, you will see the language of the text in the top left corner.
  • You can also click on the speaker icon to play the speech.

Why I have coded this word counter ?

Back in the day, I worked as a webmaster for many blogs. Every time I finished writing posts, I verified the characters, word count, paragraphs (line breaks), and the density of each of them in my text using some free online word counter. To be ranked higher on Google, you must follow certain SEO guidelines for words and characters, so I decided to make my own online tool to meet my standards.

How do you check character count ?

To use this application you have three choices :

  • You can paste your text or write directly in the input above and the tools will update in real time.
  • You can upload a docx / pdf / text file (EN) without copy and paste.
  • You can upload an image (. png/.jpg) and our character counter with OCR engine (language : EN) will extract the length of words in the image , the extracting of text from the image can be slower if your image is big or have many words and lines and if the image is corrupted so we should fix it and extracting text from it which will increase the processing time.

Characters Count and social media :

Characters number for Twitter

In most cases, the tweet character limit is fixed to up to 280 characters or Unicode glyphs. Try our TWITTER CHARACTER COUNTER
NB: Emojis is counted as 2 characters for all tweets.

Character limit for Facebook

Facebook Messenger is the most popular app that people use to send and receive messages through the internet. Messenger fixed the max length of characters to be 20,000 for each message.
Facebook posts has some limits, it has increased the limit 12 times, in the last update the length is fixed to be 63,206 character limits per post.
Account username has a limit of 50 characters.
Pages, there is a limit of 255 characters for the description or brief summary.

Instagram character limit

Instagram with 2,200, Twitter: 280 , YouTube: 5000 .

Character number limit for Linkedin

LinkedIn’s character limits by category :

  • First Name: 20
  • Last Name: 40
  • Summary: 2000
  • Posts (max limit) : 3000
  • Skills: 80 characters per Skill

How do I count the number of characters in a PDF ?

Our character counter can calculate the number of characters,words,spaces and the size of the text from a pdf file Or you can get a basic counter in Adobe by

How to search and replace in text ?

You can search and replace words in text by using the search and replace tool above the text box.

  • Just write the word or the sentence that you want to search for it.
  • Every words or characters that matches will be marked in yellow
  • By clicking on the right button the replace input will be shown to replace the text
  • Click on replace to replace all the occurrence.
  • You can search by word inside the table of word density

How many words is X characters ?

What is 1000 characters in words ?
Number of Characters Number of Words
100 10-30
250 40-60
300 40-80
400 60-100
500 70-130
600 90-150
700 100-180
750 110-190
800 110-200
1,000 140-250
1,250 180-310
1,500 210-380
2,000 290-500
2,500 360-630
3,000 430-750
5,000 710-1,250
7,500 1,070-1,880
10,000 1,430-2,500
15,000 2,140-3,750